Tech 21 trademark 10 reverb tank driver

Basic theory using 21stcentury technology to design vacuum tube preamps, power. The 2channel, 60w tech 21 trademark 60 guitar combo amp gives you the flexibility to create your own mindblowing tones. Speaker upgrade for tech21 trademark 60 combo warehouse. Its a solid state amplifier, with a single 10 speaker and 30 watts of power. And then i will definitely pick up a character pedal or two. It does say in the faq section on the tech 21 website that the tm 60 is not a psa1 combo amp. Character section to construct a custom tone in seconds. Boost function expands these 2 channels to give you 4 footswitchable sound options. How to use the caged system to play a solo duration. The trademark 30 singlechannel 1x10 guitar amp features a modified version of the super flexible sansamp gt2 pedal design at its heart. Even an 8 driver can sound huge tanks mounting seems to provide a. Play harder for more fuzz and higher harmonics, or ease up for less fuzz and enhanced lower harmonics. It was the first device to allow musicians to build enormous tones and dial them directly into a mixer or pa, eliminating the necessity to mess around for hours to find the perfect sound and delivering a consiste.

Cool little beast that can be used for everything from clean fender tones up to firebreathing megagain. For vintage blackface and silverface twin reverb, pro reverb, super reverb, vibrolux reverb, etc. We put in a spare accutronics tank and it works fine again. Monoprice 15w mod reverb tank install squiertalk forum.

Tech 21 trademark 60 1x12 guitar combo amp musicians friend. The reverb tank should be isolated from vibrating surfaces as much as possible. Input impedance 8 ohms, output impedance 2250 ohms, long decay 2. Now im no amp tech and im a shitty solderer, but after a couple of cuervos, im on this like howie bleeping doumble. Go from vintage to modern with 2 versatile channels. I dont use reverb for practice, so never worried about it. Trademark 60 1x12, trademark 60 2x12, trademark 60 4x10. Owners manuals click here to register for warranty one year limited warranty manufacturer warrants unit to.

Accutronics reverb tank, 17 long, 2 spring, 4ab3c1b current production. View and download tech 21 trademark 60 user manual online. Mounts vertical wall, long axis horizontal, connectors down. Short tank, medium decay, input impedance 800 ohms, output 2575 ohms, insulated input and grounded output. Despite its humble stature, the trademark 10 delivers a truckload of the. In case audiotopia hadnt done so, i decided to contact tech 21 myself, and i was never able to speak with anyone or get a response. See explanation of accutronics reverb tank numbering system here. The 10watt output is plenty loud for practice and monitoring but the balanced xlr and 14. Tech 21 s footswitch is engineered to utilize any standard 14 instrument or speaker cable vs. A transformerless constantcurrent reverb driver introduction. This fall, my reverb tank finally died due to having lived in the damp trunk of my car for the first 5 years of life in hard winters in michigan it now lives in the back seat. Used in fender acoustasonic junior, fender m80 hm series head, tech 21 trademark 30.

The trademark 10 and 30 are essentially the sansamp gt2 in combo format. Tech 21 trademark 60 and bronzewood 60 vintage guitar magazine. If you dont hear the rattle, try reversing the inout cables of the tank. Ultra 60 120, valveking, vox ac15cc and ac15c1, tech 21 trademark 30, and crate v18 amplifiers. Guitar amplifier tech21 brand for sale in stock ebay. May 09, 2011 well, here it is, the tech 21 trademark 30. Acoustasonic junior, fender m80 hm series head, tech 21 trademark 30. Signature multieffects pedal with cabinet emulation, boostcompression, overdrivefuzz, reverb, delayrotating speaker effect, and tuner. Actually, dizzy, all 3 of the trademarks use different circuitry. Tech 21 richie kotzen rk5 signature fly rig v2 multieffects pedal. For some reason, i had a difficult time dialing in a sound that i really liked, particularly at bedroom volumes. I bought a used tm10 several years ago and the reverb tank wasnt tied or bolted down. Look for this symbol purchases from sellers who are not authorized tech 21 dealers are at your own risk. Its really one of the best sounding amps ive owned.

Its a solid state, open back, two channel amp, 60 watts. The heart of the crafty trademark 30 is a modified version of the super flexible sansamp gt2 pedal design. Oct 25, 2011 the tech 21 trademark 30 is a single channel, single speaker guitar combo amplifier. Construct your tone by selecting amp character, gain structure, and speaker type, and then use the drive controls and active 3band eq to nail your sound.

It has a slew of connections, including 14 jacks for instrument input, headphones, external speaker output, and return and send effect loops. Simple to operate and built like a tank, the red ripper is one of tech 21 s biggest sellers for a reason. Spice simulation of fender twin reverb reverb driver and reverb tank. In the nine years that ive had the trademark 10, it hasnt moved. Setup with a sansamp bass driver, power amp and speaker cabinet, and. Vacuum tube reverb circuits traditionally have used a lowimpedance reverb tank coupled to the driver tube by a small output transformer.

I bought the tech 21 sansamp rbi rackmount 15 years ago and to this day it is a studio gem. Also, there is a crack on the left side of the cab near the control panel. Browse products from the reverb tanks category listing products sorted by popular, page 1. Mar 18, 2011 gear up tech 21 trademark 10 gear up defined. Im planning on getting a wgs speaker to upgrade my tech 21 trademark 60 1x12 combo. Based on the sansamp gt2 pedal design, the trademark 30 offers a selection of amp character, gain structure and speaker type settings as well as drive, active eq and reverb. After shutting off the trademark 30 or any amp, wait at least 10 seconds. The 10 watt output is plenty loud for practice and monitoring but the balanced xlr and 14.

A common fix on the trademark 60 is to patch around the channel switcher with a 14 cord in the effects loop out the pre into the power. Included with the trademark 60, is a triplefunction footswitch to alternate between channels, engage the effect loop, and activate the boost and reverb functions. Construct your tone by selecting amp character, gain structure and speaker type, and then. I played a tech 21 trademark 60 for about 8 years on jazz gigs ranging from soloduo to big band, as well as rock, blues and gb gigs. Power transformers output transformers filter chokes reverb drivers and interstage transformers. Audiotopia told me they contacted tech 21 about this issue, and i never heard back from them. It currently has the two jensen c10r speakers it came with. These tanks are designed to replicate the sound of vintage reverbs and are great replacements. Super 60, super 112, frontman 65r, eightyfive, tech 21 trademark 30. After replacing the stock tubes wjjs, my next victim was the cheesy reverb tank. It was a cool little amp, i may get another once i make up my mind on a jcm1 vs.

I have used a tm60 for a long time as my main gigging amplifier, and have racked up lots of experience with it in a wide variety of circumstances. Sadly, the trademark 10 i got off ebay had a broken reverb and some strange buzzing, i had to eat shipping and return it to the seller. You just have to be sure to remove the foam used to stabilize the springs during shipment and to not overtighten the screws when attaching the new tank. Primarily used by all fender amplifiers with tube reverb from 19631990.

Warranty coverage applies only to purchases made through tech 21 authorized dealers. Tech 21 trademark 10 ampgreat little practice and recording ampbuilt in sansamp, 10 watts, very portable and versatileonly issues are the logo name plate and the reverb tank appears to be disconnected. Great sound, its a modelling combo with 100% analogue technology, you can squeeze any possible tube amp sound out of this little combo, well almost. But that is not the only way to drive a reverb tank using a vacuum tube, and in fact it is not the best way. Short tank, medium decay, input impedance 10 ohms, output 2575 ohms. After some correspondence, we found that there was a malfunctioning transducer in the amps reverb tank.

Revisit reverb tanks bringing back the sound of vintage accutronics tanks. The tech 21 trademark 60 is one of those amps that has been around a long time, is generally thought of as favorable, but there is not a lot of chatter about it. Use an outboard reverb unit through the effect loop. Tech 21 trademark 10, tenwatt amp with owners manual, sample settings chart and a cover that looks like its designed to be used for ahh. Avoid mounting the outer channel of the reverb tank directly to the mounting surface by using grommets, rubber standoffs, reverb tank bag and liner or other products designed for mechanical isolation. While it doesnt produce the most tasteful sounding distortion by 2015 standards, in the studio it so much fun to impulsively throw signal at for parallel use, especially when you are still in the analog domain and have easy opportunity to mult from the bay. I sent them an email to ask about it and they shipped me free tiedowns and a vinyl amp cover as a bonus. I already owned a tech 21 sans amp tri ac, so i am familiar with the technology great pedal btw. After shutting off the trademark 60 or any amplifier, wait at least 10.

If unit becomes defective within warranty period, tech 21, inc. Features include an accutronics reverb tank, effects sendreturn. Tech 21 trademark 30 30w guitar combodi amplifer walmart. I ordered a mod 8eb3c1b 3 spring short tank to replace the stock unit thanks to michael 7 for the lead.

Test the input output of the reverb tank with an ohm meter hooked to the end of the reverb in out cables. Once again, leffe and the crew at 4sound stockholm has hooked me. Another one of tech 21 s more popular effects pedals is the hotrod analog distortion guitar effects pedal. Players who see and hear my trademark 10 drool with envy. The amp section worked fine but the reverb tank was shot, the speaker was punctured, and the grill cloth torn where that happened. Just about everything they make sounds and works great. There is a pad that tech 21 puts on the heatsink to keep the backside pad on the chip from shorting to the heatsink chassis ground. Kalamazoo amplifiers which used a driver transformer for the reverb input side.

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