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Based partly on kennedys book thirteen days, the film recounts the days in october 1962 that nearly led to nuclear war. The missiles of october 1974 this film examines the talks and bargaining between major leaders, in both the united states and the soviet union, during the cuban missile crisis. In this season for debunking john kennedy, smith serves a steamy stew of political ambition the kennedy familys, defense scandal the tfx fighter and miscalculation and overreaction both john and robert kennedys. Ambassador adlai stevenson and howard da silva as soviet. The missiles of october is long and very old looking as tv movie from the 70s but it is excellent, and the cuban missile crisis is always worth seeing entertainment on film. John clauson grew up believing he was the son of an ibm salesman when actually he was the son of a math savant who worked with teh department of defense on their missile program during the cold war. Starring william devane as president john kennedy, the movie explores the events of the day period when the world stood on the brink of nuclear war. Outstanding achievement in technical direction ernie buttelman technical director jim angel cameraman jim.

The missiles of november,december,january, february. The missiles of october 1974 directed by anthony page. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing the missiles of october near you. Garland davis during a thirteenday period fiftysix years ago, the u. Philip nash author of the other missiles of october. On october 22, the president, with no other recourse, proclaimed in a. The missiles of october is a 1974 docudrama madefortelevision play about the cuban missile crisis. The missiles of october movie quotes rotten tomatoes. Time of the missile by george oppen poetry foundation. The other missiles of october philip nash university of north. Also sign me up for fanmail to get updates on all things movies. Ordering information for this book is available at the w.

William devane gives a compelling performance as president john f. The missiles of october 1974 cast and crew moviefone. Eisenhower, kennedy, and the jupiters, 19571963 1997. The missiles of october by robert smith thompson kirkus. The missiles of october by anthony page anthony page. This is an introductory class in rocket systems used as launch vehicles and as weapons. The pilot of an american u2 spy plane making a highaltitude pass over cuba on october 14, 1962, photographed a soviet ss4 mediumrange ballistic missile being assembled for. Compelling revisionist history of the 1962 cuban missile crisis that puts jfk and his brother robert in the worst possible light. The title evokes the book the guns of august by barbara. Even though the crisis, in my view, was perfectly rehearsed plays by the soviet union. In the end, though, this book leaves behind a bitter aftertaste with its halfbaked conspiracy theories centering on a crisis which could have ended in nuclear. A meeting of the executive committee of the national security council in the cabinet room during the cuban missile crisis, october 29, 1962, 10. Some books, such as jim bishops the day kennedy was shot and gerald posners case closed, point the finger at lee harvey oswald as the lone gunman.

The cuban missile crisis was a sixday clash in october 1962 between the united states and the soviet union over the presence of soviet nuclear missiles in cuba. Admittedly, thompson, a professor who teaches foreign policy at the university of south carolina, is a good prose writer and at times the missiles of october reads like a technothriller. Missileman is the true account of how wallace clauson kept his real work hidden from his. Kennedy and nikita khrushchev were determined to avoid nuclear war, but events could easily have spiralled out of control with cataclysmic results.

George oppen, a prominent american poet, was one of the chief exponents of objectivism, a school of poetry that emphasized simplicity and clarity over formal structure and rhyme. Remarkably unsentimental, it keeps to the record as it. The missiles of october honestly presents both sides, giving us khrushchevs reasons and dilemmas as well as kennedys. Thompsons subtitle leads the reader to expect some new revelation, but the book delivers nothing of substance that hasnt been discussed in more detail by. He draws on newly declassified material from the national security archive, but there is less new here than advertised. The missiles of october 1974 cast and crew this film examines the talks and bargaining between major leaders, in both the united states and the soviet union, during the cuban missile crisis. The other missiles of october philip nash university. The cuban missile crisis of october 1962 was prompted by soviet deployment of nucleararmed missiles in cuba and the insistence of the united states on their withdrawal. The cuban missile crisis edinburgh university press. Before getting down to business on the twoweek span that. With william devane, ralph bellamy, howard da silva, james hong. Shedding important new light on the history of the cold war, philip nash tells the story of what the. Submarinelaunched missiles were also included in the anadyr buildup. Astronautics and its applications, a staff report of the select committee on astronautics and space exploration of the u.

The missiles of october are a tv classic, portraying the actions and reactions of the kennedy brothers and their inner circle during their 1962 dealings with the soviet union over the ussrs clandestine placement of missiles in cuba. The teleplay introduced william devane as president john f. The 1962 cuban missile crisis is the subject of this madefortv effort. See the article in its original context from august 30, 1987, section 4, page 26 buy reprints. List of books and articles about cuban missile crisis online. The book dispells the myth that president kennedy ordered the removal of the jupiter missiles from turkey in the months before the cuban missile crisis. Failure shuts down squadron of nuclear missiles the atlantic. The dynamic process of decision making covered in the movie, the missiles of october 1974, was almost nailbiting. President obama was briefed this morning on an engineering power failure at f. Together, both books should be required reading for any president. A new era of modern warfare began when german v2 missiles hit london in september 1944. Kennedy was shown photographs of soviet nuclear missile installations under construction in cuba. Basic rocketry principles are introduced to provide a foundation of the principals of solid and liquid rockets.

Based on recently declassified documents, a dramatic new look at t. House of representatives, which provided nontechnical. Costars include martin sheen as attorney general robert f. Drawing on newly declassified archival sources, thompson a time for war, 1991, etc.

I first read the guns of august before this book and recommend you do as well. In october 1962, the kennedy administration struggles to contain the cuban missile crisis. Decision making processes the missiles of october essay. Fundamentals of rockets and missiles class sampler. Shedding important new light on the history of the cold war, philip nash tells the story of what the united states gave up to help end the cuban missile cris. Kennedy in this dramatization of the cuban missile crisis.

At midday, and again in the early evening of october 16, 1962, john f. Read the fulltext online edition of the other missiles of october. List of books and articles about cuban missile crisis. Rent the missiles of october 1973 on dvd and bluray. No quotes approved yet for the missiles of october. Kennedy and cuba, november 1962 to november 1963 by. Existing systems are discussed to understand why the. Instead, the jcs initially recommended also hitting tactical missiles, aircraft, ships, tanks, and other appropriate targets, as well as imposing a complete blockade. However, given the title we agreed to take on this month, some confusion arose regarding the movie portion of this book film adaptation series. Warren air force base in wyoming that took 50 nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles icbms, oneninth of. One lessknown aspect of the crisis was the role of similar u.

As i watched the movie, it was difficult for me to separate myself from the fact that i was a baby in 1962. The title evokes the book the guns of august by barbara tuchman about the missteps amongst the great powers and the failed chances to give an opponent a graceful way out, which led to the first world war. What did happen was that a feasibility study on their removal was ordered, but nothing more occurred prior to october 1962 when the crisis erupted. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a page. Although missiles can be propelled by either liquidfueled or solidfueled rocket engines, solid fuel is preferred for military uses because it is less likely to explode and can be kept readyloaded for quick launch. His new book marshals irrefutable evidence to succinctly demolish the. Opinion missiles of october, then and now the new york. His book, rockets, missiles, and space travel was cited in the space handbook. The missiles of october which was released in 1974 tells the inside story of this crisis that the public never knew at the time when the soviet union and the usa glared at each other and came closer to fighting a nuclear war than at any other time in history. Overview of missiles of october, the, 1974, directed by anthony page, with robert p lieb, dana elcar, richard eastham, at turner classic movies.

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