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Reactor concepts manual nuclear power for electrical generation usnrc technical training center 11 0703 nuclear power for electrical generation the purpose of a nuclear power plant is not to produce or release n uclear power. Nuclear power plants, sets out requirements and guidance for new licence applications for watercooled nuclear power plants npps or plants. With this in mind, this course nuclear reactor theory is designed for students who are studying nuclear engineering for the first time. Pdf terrapower ht9 mechanical and thermal creep properties. Chemical reactor design and control uses process simulators like matlab, aspen plus, and aspen dynamics to study the design of chemical reactors and their dynamic control. The mcfr design is a type of molten salt reactor msr. In chapters 1 to 4 basics of nuclear physics and interactions of elementary particles are considered.

The companys director of innovation, jeff latkowski, explains that traveling wave technology is still the foundation of terrapowers research plan, but that the molten core technology addresses the three critical areas for nuclear power. For batch reactors, conversion is a function of time whereas for. Bill gates entrepreneur microsoft office equipment. For example, a tier 2 battery can be placed into a tier 2 machine or a tier 3 machine, but not a tier 1 machine. Lassiter iii james mcquade terrapower john gilleland, ceo of terrapower, returned to his office after a lengthy meeting with potential. These reactors provide enough residence time for the reaction to take place with satisfactory conversion. Inside the lab where terrapower is planning nuclear energy. Lecture 9 reactor sizing chemical kinetics is the study of chemical reaction rates and reaction mechanisms. It should be noted however, that the burns and roe company, specializing in the design and construction of the nuclear power stations, already o ers the architectural and engineering projects for the conceptual design of twr developed by terra power on their website. The purpose of a nuclear power plant is to produce electricity. The core design of the original twr concept envisages a moving region, or wave, in which the uranium is bred progressively into plutonium, which is the actual fuel that undergoes fission. Terrapowers conceptual and engineering design and associated technology.

Terrapowers traveling wave reactor twr is designed to be a liquid sodiumcooled fast reactor that uses depleted uranium as fuel. Terrapower quietly explores new nuclear reactor strategy. Idaho falls power is hoping to take advantage of the new reactors. Terrapower inks deal with chinas cnnc to build fast reactor. Travelingwave reactor twr technology, being developed by terrapower, llc, represents a potential. Physics and engineering of the epr institute of physics. If a design other than a watercooled reactor is to be considered for licensing in canada, the design is. In any manufacturing process where there is a chemical change. Terra power, supported by bill gates, is developing a 1150 mw traveling wave reactor. Write the mole balances in terms of conversion for a batch reactor, cstr, pfr, and pbr. Terrapower is a nuclear reactor design company headquartered in bellevue, washington. There are numerous books that focus on steadystate reactor design. The mou was signed in seattle on 22 september by terrapower ceo lee mcintire and cnnc president qian zhimin. Conceptual design of a power reactor the design of a homogeneous moltensalt reactor of the type discussed in the preceding chapters is described below.

Ge hitachi nuclear energy and terrapower are to collaborate on pursuing a public private partnership to design and construct the versatile test reactor for the us department of energy. Kotek, we understand that the department of energy has considered, and is considering, the design. However, in mid2011 terrapower announced a change of design to a standing wave reactor in order to address the problem of cooling a moving region. Bill gatess experimental nuclear power plant halts construction in china. Expression of support for a fast spectrum test reactor facility dear mr.

Featuring case studies and worked examples that illustrate key concepts in the text, this book contains guidelines for scaleup of laboratory and pilot plant results, methods to derive the correct reaction order, activation energy, or kinetic model from laboratory tests, and theories, correlations, and practical examples for 2 and 3phase reaction systems, including bubble columns, slurry. John kotek assistant secretary, office of nuclear energy u. Nuclear reactor types 3 the most widely used reactor type in the world is the pressurised water reactor pwr see fig 1. The twrp digital control system dcs is currently being designed by terrapower. The book covers different aspects of nuclear physics. Typical sfr designs require relatively high enriched reload fuel in many cases 20%. If radical innovation makes nuclear power expensive, why. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license. Integrating new reactor options into a diversified fleet can bring. Pdf design of pyrolysis reactor for production of bio. The concept is appealing on several levelsnot only would its small design.

Pdf terrapower, llc traveling wave reactor development. Defenseindepth d3 strategy for the terrapower traveling wave reactor prototype twrp advanced nuclear power plant. Reactors jordan university of science and technology. Each nucleus splits into two fragments and, on average, two or three neutrons are released. One of the most common reaction rates is the power.

To create the traveling wave reactor twr design, terrapower has put together a team that boasts unparalleled expertise in nuclear engineering, simulation. Terrapowers conceptual and engineering design and associated technology development activities. Feb 15, 2010 terrapowers president john gilleland explains the process in one video as a new type of nuclear reactor that can provide an infinite amount of power, and unlike the current reactor design that uses only enriched uranium for fuel, terrapowers reactor largely uses waste byproduct of that enrichment process, or waste uranium. The information provided herein is intended to facilitate high quality design, and consistency with modern international codes and standards, for new watercooled npps. Expression of support for a fast spectrum test reactorfacility. Part 1 elements of nuclear reactor theory is composed of only elements but the main resource for the lecture of nuclear reactor theory, and. Reactor thermal power 4 500 mw 3 850 mw 4 250 mw efficiency. No twr has yet been constructed, but in 2006 intellectual ventures launched a spinoff named terrapower to model and commercialize a working design of such a reactor, which later came to be called a travelingwave reactor. Jan 02, 2019 bill gatess experimental nuclear power plant halts construction in china. Epr design goal requires specific design provisions for severe. This innovative nuclear reactor design will run on depleted uranium, a waste byproduct that exists in huge stock piles around the globe. Terrapower has developed twr designs for low to medium 300 mwe as well as high power mwe generation facilities. Terrapower llc company profile and news bloomberg markets.

A truly sustainable and fullscale resource for global energy needs pdf. Terrapowers molten chloride fast reactor technology. In such reactors, the reaction rate expression must be known determined. The road ahead with microsoft executive nathan myhrvold and journalist peter rinearson published in november, 1995. The traveling reactor the potential to approach the ideal system burning will propagate through fertile indefinitely defthrough core pu239 the wave fissions the bred pu239 as well as some of the u238 directly wast e a viable fuel sufficient for tens of thousands of. The company provides traveling wave reactor that provides fuel cycle which allows nuclear energy to produce electricity. Terrapowers molten chloride fast reactor technology kevin kramer chief engineer for mcfr etec nuclear suppliers workshop october 2, 2018. One of the most common reaction rates is the power law expression.

Thanks in part to fracking, its cheaper to build and operate gasfired power plants than nuclear reactors. Structural materials and fuels for space power plants cheryl bowman nasa glenn research center, cleveland ohio usa 445 jeremy busby oak ridge national laboratory, oak ridge tennessee usa 378316140 douglas porter idaho national laboratory, idaho falls idaho usa 83415 introduction a fission reactor combined with stirling convertor. This cutaway graphic shows the design of the versatile test reactor. But he listed some of the other reasons why the molten chloride. The presentations and discussions at the meeting addressed about 30 concepts and designs of innovative smrs and several options for the innovative nuclear energy systems on their basis. Terrapower has developed twr designs for low to medium 300 mwe as well as highpower mwe generation. This regulatory document considers all licensing phases, as information from the design process feeds. Materials selection and development for advanced reactors. We have focused on innovative nuclearbased designs as a way to answer these. Terrapower is developing a class of nuclear fast reactors called the traveling wave reactor twr. Msr experiments were conducted in the 1960s, and modern computing power, materials and engineering developments enable the revival of new research and development of msr technology. The twr commercial reactor plant design is a 1,150 mw liquidsodiumcooled fast reactor that uses depleted uranium as fuel. Basic research and development effort to design a micro nuclear power. Terrapower is a nuclear reactor design company headquartered in bellevue, washington, united states.

P wr reactors are very stable due to their tendency to produce less power as temperatures increase. A reactor that burns depleted fuel emerges as a potential game. Utility energy northwest will support the joint gehterrapower. Microsoft fame terrapower 20a and intellectual ventures 20. The traveling wave reactor twr is a oncethrough reactor that uses in situ breeding to greatly reduce. Principal design criteria for the prototype reactor will be developed reflecting ans 20. This thirtysecond edition of reference data series no. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. The book chemical reactor design and control is based on the experience of author william l. Meeting on innovative small and medium sized reactors. The principal design criteria are based on the general design criteria of 10 cfr 50 appendix a.

Terrapower has developed sophisticated computational analysis tools to support the design and fabrication of high temperature components to be used in the traveling wave reactor twr. The study of chemical reaction engineering cre combines the study of chemical kinetics with the reactors in which the reactions occur. Ge hitachi has already been engaged in developing the vtr conceptual design, and terra power has. The tables and figures contain the following information. Required text for next semesters nre 6201 and advised as prerequisite material for nre 6301. Resurrecting a meltdownproof reactor design mit technology. Readers can also download a pdf file of the long version posted on this blog. Bill gates has joined a field of inventors and investors in the future of nuclear energy. It is recognized that specific technologies may use alternative approaches. Oct 28, 2015 the waste from one reactor could power a different reactor. Sep 23, 2015 terrapower inks deal with chinas cnnc to build fast reactor posted on september 23, 2015 by djysrv china national nuclear corp.

Much has transpired since nuclear power reactor safety was first published in 1977. Yet the book retains its relevance, for while numerous publications now cover narrower aspects of reactor safety in greater depth, few if any provide the integrated treatment of the fundamental aspects of reactor safety contained in this single volume. This page was last edited on 8 september 2018, at 01. Pdf terrapowers molten chloride fast reactor technology. Topics covered are atomic structure, elementary particles chapter 1, properties of nucleus and nuclear particles chapter 2, nuclear transformations chapter 3 and interactions chapter 4. Gates is the chairman of terrapower, a startup whose design for a travelingwave reactor could make. Jan 22, 2015 resurrecting a meltdownproof reactor design. Nuclear power reactors in the world is an annual publication that presents the most recent data pertaining to nuclear power reactors in iaea member states. Aug 22, 2019 nuscale power is developing a new kind of nuclear reactor they believe will be safer, smaller and cheaper than current reactors. They can only be charged in an eu storage block that has an equal or higher power tier.

For example, some members of congress in the 1950s thought that a small reactor experiment would tell the engineers most of what they needed to know to build a power reactor. There are no books that consider practical control systems for real industrial reactors. Typical sfr designs require relatively high enriched reload fuel in many cases20%. Terrapower and ge hitachi team up on nuclear research. The twr concept places a small core of enriched fuel in the center of a much larger mass of nonfissile material, in this case depleted uranium. Latkowski declined to go into details on the new reactor design. A look at the nuscale small modular nuclear reactor project. Proponents of sodiumcooled reactors, including traveling wave reactors, tend not to focus on how they plan to overcome the problematic parts of the sodiumcooled design history, centered in large part on sodiumrelated problems, but rather tend to focus on the vast available raw material to produce a large. The project supports terrapowers traveling wave reactor, which offers great promise toward an affordable, safe form of carbonfree energy. A new take on an old reactor design could make nuclear power cleaner and safer, and therefore more competitive with fossil fuels. Terrapower response to nrc regulatory issue summary. Bill gates dream for a nuclearpowered future is almost. Physics and engineering of the epr keith ardron uk licensing manager, areva np uk. Size reactors either alone or in series once given the molar flow rate of a, and the rate of reaction, r a, as a function of conversion, x.

Basic research and development effort to design a micro nuclear power plant for. It will greatly simplify the current nuclear fuel cycle, reducing the need for uranium mining and spent fuel storage facilities. Chaplin encyclopedia of life support systems eolss in a nuclear reactor fission of uranium is induced by the absorption of neutrons by the uranium nuclei. With the growing demand for electricity, terrapower entered the nuclear energy arena to lift billions out of poverty. The molten chloride fast reactor meets terrapowers vision for advanced nuclear power. For all irreversible reactions of greater than zero order, the volume of the reactor approaches. The novel design allows for the use of depleted uranium generated by the enrichment process used for existing light water reactors fueled with enriched uranium. Design of pyrolysis reactor for production of biooil and biochar simultaneously conference paper pdf available in aip conference proceedings 18401.

Oct 21, 2015 terrapower quietly explores new nuclear reactor strategy. Overview of nuclear reactor systems and fundamentals someday man will harness the rise and fall of the tides, imprison the power of the sun, and release atomic power. To increase or decrease voltage, a transformer is needed. Basic objectives in design of a reactor in chemical engineering physical operations such as fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer and separation processes play a very large part. The ascent is the motley fools new personal finance brand devoted to helping you live a richer life. Terrapower, cnnc team up on travelling wave reactor 25 september 2015 usbased terrapower has signed a memorandum of understanding with china national nuclear corporation cnnc to develop its travelling wave reactor twr. The companys flagship advanced nuclear reactor concept, the traveling wave reactor twr design, represents incredible progress in nuclear technology thanks to the power of advanced computer modeling and our dedicated team of scientists and engineers. Pdf the traveling wave reactor twr is a oncethrough reactor that uses in. Nuclear reactor design encyclopedia of life support systems. Cstr continuous stirred tank reactor and the pfr plug flow reactor. Advanced reactors and other isotopic applications are possible with technology and enhanced computing capabilities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Bill gatess experimental nuclear power plant halts. Terrapower is developing a class of nuclear fast reactors called the traveling wave reactor twr the twr concept places a small core of enriched fuel in the center of a much larger mass of nonfissile material, in this case depleted uranium. Pressurized water reactor power plant this material was, for a purpose to be used in a nuclear education, compiled comprehensively with a caution on appropriateness and neutrality of information, based on references of neutral organizations, suh as nrc, wikipedia and atomica, and vendors information especially on advanced reactors. Some reactor design efforts will stop at the stage where intellectual property can be licensed by a developer to a deep pocket reactor vendor or stateowned corporation. A travelingwave reactor twr is a proposed type of nuclear fission reactor that can convert. Terrapower, cnnc team up on travelling wave reactor.

The choice of the power level for this design is arbitrary, since the 8ftdiameter reactor core, chosen from nuclear considerations, is capable of operating at power levels up to. He heads terrapower llc, a private research team based outside seattle that is pursuing. Conversion and reactor sizing define conversion and space time. Reactor concepts manual nuclear power for electrical generation usnrc technical training center 0703 when a turbine is attached to the electrical generator, the kinetic energy i. Terrapower, llc develops nuclear reactor technology. Bill gates dream for a nuclearpowered future is almost here. Development of a diversity and defenseindepth strategy. New paradigms emerge for innovation and investment in. The tier of electric tools decide which eu storage blocksgenerators can power them.

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